Taavura Holdings

Tel: 08-9270420
Fax: 08-9270514
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 320 Ramla 7252901 Israel



Taavura Holdings - Tashtit Division
Taavura’s Tashtit Division is the importer and distributor of DAF, TATRA and KENWORTH trucks, VDL and Foton buses, LIEBHERR cranes and engineering equipment, KRONE trailers and more. In addition, Tashtit provides financial leasing, Maintenance contracts, After sale and more.

Tel: 08-9270500
Fax: 08-9270514
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 320 Ramla 7252901 Israel



Taavura Holdings - Engineering Projects Division
Taavura’s Engineering Projects Division provides solutions in the field of engineering planning, heavy haulage and special transport lifting and special projects.operates a modern and advanced fleet of mobile cranes Up to 600 ton.

Tel: 08-9270470
Fax: 08-9785189
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 320 Ramla 7252901 Israel


Taavura Holdings - Earthmoving Division
Taavura Earthmoving Division is one of the largest earthworks contractors in Israel, with wide and varied fleet of heavy mechanical engineering machines, specializes in infrastructure operations, mining, quarry work and the performance of engineering projects.

Tel: 08-9270533
Fax: 08-9785055
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 320 Ramla 7252901 Israel

Earthmoving Division Page

Taavura Holdings - Car Transport Division
Taavura’s Cars Transport Division possesses a modern and sophisticated fleet for vehicle transports from the ports of Ashdod, Eilat and Haifa to importer sites throughout the country.

Tel: 08-9270482
Fax: 08-9785153
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 320 Ramla 7252901 Israel

Car Transport Division Page


Grand Automotive LLP
Grand Automotive LLP deals with distribution of vehicles in Central Eastern Europe and the Adriatic/ Balkan regions in Europe (Hungary / Czech Republic / Slovakia / Slovenia / Croatia / Serbia / North Macedonia / Bosnia Herzegovina / Albania / Montenegro / Kosovo / Bulgaria)

Tel: 074-7880502
Fax: 08-9270514
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 320 Ramla 7252901 Israel

Automotive Distribution in Europe Page

Universal Trucks Israel (UTI)
Universal Trucks Israel Ltd. (UTI) has been leading the light truck market (6-12 tons) in Israel since its establishment in 1994. The company distributes and markets ISUZU trucks and buses, as well as the SUNWIN electric interurban bus, and the GEELY electric truck

Tel: 1-800-566-777 
Fax: 03-9120000
11 Shenkar St. Rishon Lezion, 7559912 | P.O Box 10120, Israel

Uti Page

Taavura Tours
Taavura Tours operates hundreds of Vans, Buses and Taxis for transportation of employees and special rides, nationwide. Operates modern and well-equipped fleet of vehicles for the safety and comfort of passengers.

Tel: 074-7746236
Fax: 08-9785949
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 320 Ramla 7252901 Israel


Shmerling synchro energy engineering
Shmerling Synchro Energy Engineering Ltd. provides a wide range of solutions in the field of power generators, from the stage of design, through production and installation and to spare parts provision service.

Tel: 08-9210080
Fax: 08-9216348
4 Haavoda st., POB 347 Ramla, 7255704 Israel


West Galilee Transportation Company
West Galilee specializing in the transport of cargo containers at the Haifa and Ashdod ports, general cargo and heavy equipment, various types of agricultural produce. Providing a range of logistics services at warehouses and container terminals

Tel: 04-9876222
Fax: 04-9876200
Miluot Industrial Area Mobile Post Ashrat 2520800


Hanegev & Arava Transportation
HaNegev and Arava company specializes in agricultural transports (primarily milk), bulk transports, container transports, fuel transport and various types of general transports.The company has several logistics centers in Israel.

Tel: 08-8500155
Fax: 08-8500111
P.O.B. 166  Gedera 7075101, Israel


Dahan and Amar HaNegev and HaArava
HaNegev and Arava company specializes in agricultural transports (primarily milk), bulk transports, container transports, fuel transport and various types of general transports.The company has several logistics centers in Israel

Tel: 08-8500155
Fax: 08-8500111
P.O.B. 166  Gedera 7075101, Israel


Emek Hyarden Transport Company
Emek HaYarden company specializes in agricultural transports, feed mix transports, container transports, fuel transport, bulk transports and various types of general transports.

Tel: 04-6755445
Fax: 04-6755550
Zemach, Emek Hyarden, p.o 188, Afikim Zip 1514800


Yozma Galilee Transport
Yozma Galil operates a fleet of heavy trucks and specializes in the bulk transport of stone, clay, quarry materials, shredded materials, base materials and more to a wide range of customers nationwide

Tel: 08-9270569
Fax: 08-9785150
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 761 Ramla 7252901 Israel

Eldan Road Services
Eldan R.S Specializes in the transport of automobiles, with up to five vehicles per transport, to automobile dealerships, car rental agencies, leasing and more.

Tel: 03-9393888
Fax: 03-9393889
2 Hayarden St. P.O.B 1054 Airportcity 7010000 Israel


Venta Marketing (1996)
Venta specializes in the importation, manufacture, and marketing of ventilation and heating systems for industry, agriculture, institutions, and private customers. The company also installs huge fans for industry, logistic centers, and agriculture. Design and performance of projects for smoke removal, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Tel: 08-9207004
Fax: 08-9207005
4 Haavoda st., POB 2070 Ramla, 7255704 Israel


M.M.M united landfill industries
M.M.M established and operates some of the largest and most advanced landfills in Israel for household waste, located at Dudaim (Ganei Hadas).

Tel: 08-6483094
Fax: 08-6483091

TLG Technologies (Quantum Hub)
T.L.G. established a group Innovation Center named Quantum Hub, operating in collaboration with Hyundai, VDL and BAZAN Group. The Center focuses on the Automotive & mobility, Supply Chain & Logistics, Energy Efficiency & Renewables and Advanced Manufacturing at Industry 4.0.

MIXER Herzliya, 3 Arik Einstein st.Herzliya, Israel

Quantum-hub Page

Ispra By E.I.
ISPRA is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing of non lethal devices for riot control, crowd management, anti terror equipment and police gear.

Tel: 04-6299000
Fax: 04-62991771


Explosives Manufactoring Industries (EMI)
Explosive Manufacturing Industries is a leading producer in Israel off explosives for civilian uses. Handling end-of-life processes for ammunition and neutralizing explosive contaminants. Manufacturing a diesel fuel additive (AdBlue)

Tel: 04-6299000
Fax: 04-62991771


FARO - Emergency Solutions
FARO Emergency Solutions offering a full set of emergency response tools to provide a full solution to harmed population in crisis Water Shifting & distribution, Rapid deployment structures & Emergency food

Tel: 08-9270420
Fax: 08-9270514
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 320 Ramla 7252901 Israel



Tamig tire Marketing
Tamig Tire Importing and marketing of tires and magnesium wheels for private vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, forklifts, industrial tools and heavy mechanical engineering equipment. Possessing a leadership position in the Israeli tire market

Tel: 08-9541111
Fax: 08-9785999
2 Hatikva st. P.O.B 2111 Ramla 7252902 Israel


TAM Marine Projects
TAM Marine Projects S.M. conducts a wide range of marine activities. Project for protecting the beachfront cliffs at the Ashkelon beach, Rerouting rivers, marine excavations and placing geotubes, Marine excavation work at the Dead Sea evaporation pools and more.

Tel: 08-9270420
Fax: 08-9270514
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 320 Ramla 7252901 Israel

TAM Page

TSP - Taavura Silica Products

T.G.A. Infrastructure

Trucks and Transport Museum

Tel: 03-7563020
2 Hahazon St. P.O.B. 320 Ramla 7252901 Israel

Truck and transport museum

Maman Group
MAMAN is a holding company specializing in ground handling services for cargo and passengers at Israel's airport, as well as the full range of logistic services in Israel and abroad. Maman is a company whose shares are publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Tel: 03-9715309
Fax: 03-9721733
Lev pesach 5, Lod


Maman Cargo Terminals
Established in 1974, Maman Cargo offers a full range of air cargo solutions with highly professional staff, quality, and reliable services, 24-hour support, and unsurpassed security measures.

Tel: 03-9715309
Fax: 03-9733038
P.O.Box 58, Ben Gurion Airport 70100


Logisticare, the first Third-Party Logistics (TPL) company in Israel is a leader in outsourced logistics solutions, specializing in comprehensive, advanced and complex logistics solutions along the entire value chain. The company operates 13 logistics centers with a total area of 300 dunams, including outdoor operational grounds.

Globus Worldwide Logistics
Globus provides a range of advanced logistic solutions Operational logistic centers nationwide, distribution, special projects and services at customer sites, manufacturing the dictation of packaging, shipping, relocation of personal belongings, packaging and storage of art objects, storage, transportation and packaging of hazardous materials and more

Tel: 077-8050443
7 Habosem St., P.O.B. 12130, Industrial area Ashdod



Laufer Aviation-GHI
Laufer group was established in 2007, is the leading Israeli aircraft ground handling service provider for airlines and VIP services, for both businesses and individuals. The company serves 6,000,000 passengers and 26,000 flights annually, operating in every one of Israel’s international airports

Tel:  076-8880000
fax: 03-9754069
Lev pesach 5, Lod


Archiv 2000
Archive 2000 Ltd. is one of Israel's leading companies in the fields of archiving, digital document storage and filing, and document scanning. Offering a comprehensive range of services, including packaging and transport of materials, computerization and retrieval of files and documents, destruction of documents at client request, and scanning of archived materials in accordance with scan-on-demand.

Tel: 1-700-702848
fax:  08-8524070
Ba'alei HaMelacha St 21, Ashdod


Tal Limousine
Tal Limousine has been operating in Israel since 1989, and is the leading company in Israel in the field of transportation and VIP services. The company specializes in providing world-class transportation services in all types of vehicles.

Tel: 03-9754044
fax:  03-9754045
POB 102, Ben Gurion Airport, 70100, Israel


Maman Aviation
Maman Aviation provides GSA (General Sales Agent) services to Passenger and Cargo Airlines, in Israel. offers its customers top service performance for passengers combined with cargo and handling operations.

Tel: 076-8029029
fax: 076-8029025
Lev pesach 5, Lod


MTR-Railway Industry Enterprises
MTR specializes in maintenance of railway fleet (passenger, freight wagons and locomotives) and in production of metal components for new rolling stock.

Tel: 08-6239161
Fax: 08-9575522
18 Hapoalim str., Dimona


Maman Euro Logistic s.r.o.
MEL operates a logistic center at a compound in the Czech Republic, located in proximity to the German border. Distribution network and TPL services at elevated standards

Tel: +420 354 209 966
Lipoltov 26,350 02 Cheb - Tuřany, Czech Republic


International Busiess Transport (IBT) S.A. Romania
IBT, a Romanian logistic company owned by MEL (65%), active in eastern and central Europe, provides extended logistic services, including: Storage, distribution, customs clearance, shipping, value-added services and more.

Tel: (+4) 0742 212 550
Fax: (+4) 021 319 02 05
Intrarea Granarului 8, Sector 2 021903 - Bucharest, Romania


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