Logistics & Road Haulage

Since the establishment of Taavura, road haulage has been our core business.
Taavura places special emphasis on modern and well-maintained equipment, professional drivers and mechanics who are all committed to excellence in service and in customer attention. We constantly keep abreast of the latest technology to ensure our fleet is advanced in the world of transport industry.

Client satisfaction is an essential ingredient in our corporate culture. We understand the importance of efficient logistics to the successful completion of any project. It is a responsibility we fulfil with the highest degree of commitment and professionalism. Our haulage services are ISO9002 Certified.

For many years Taavura logistic services were based on Road haulage of various types and cranes, heavy Haulage, and installation engineering services. In 1996, Taavura expanded its logistic activities by becoming a major shareholder in Maman Cargo Terminals & Handling Ltd.

Maman specializes in providing ground services for both air cargo and air passengers and offers wide-ranging logistical services. Maman is the operator of Israel's air cargo terminal at Ben Gurion International Airport, one of the largest air cargo terminals in Europe and in the Middle East.

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