Third-Party Logistics

Taavura is the principal shareholder (66%) in Maman - a holding company specializes in providing superior ground handling services for cargo and passengers at Israel's airport, as well as the full range of logistics services within Israel and abroad. 

Taavura provides a wide range of logistic services in Israel, including a variety of comprehensive logistics services vital for Supply Chain Management (SCM), most notably Third Party Logistics (TPL), storage, distribution, value-added activities, laboratory services, bonded warehousing services, and international delivery and transportation services. Businesses benefit from these services as they can optimize their supply chains, improve efficiency, and cut costs. As part of TAAVURA's supply chain management services, businesses can save time and money by streamlining their supply chain processes by using innovative and specialized solutions tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Businesses can maximize their efficiency and reduce costs by utilizing the latest technologies and algorithms to identify areas for improvement and make changes. As a result, they are able to provide an industry-leading level of service.

Overseas Logistic Services

Receipt and storage of goods, inventory management in all forms, added value activities, and coordination of distribution activities.

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