For many years Taavura logistic services were based on Road haulage of various types. In 1996, Taavura expanded its logistic activities by becoming a major shareholder in Maman Cargo Terminals & Handling Ltd.

Maman specializes in providing ground services for both air cargo and air passengers and offers wide-ranging logistical services. Maman is the operator of Israel's air cargo terminal at Ben Gurion International Airport, one of the largest air cargo terminals in Europe and the Middle East.

Other activities of the Maman group include:

Logisticare Ltd. and Logisticare Bonded Ltd. 

Provides a wide range of logistic services necessary to run a full supply chain (SCM - Supply Chain Management), focuses on logistic solutions including: TPL, warehousing and distribution.

Globus International Ltd.

Design and manufacturing of packages, relocation of personal belongings, handling of art objects, storage and other logistical services in the field of hazardous materials and other sensitive fields.

Archive 2000 Ltd. provides top-of-the-line archiving and retrieval services.

Laufer Aviation G.H.I Ltd. and Royal Service Specializes in the provision of comprehensive ground services to passengers and airlines. 

Tal Limousine Service Ltd. and Isralimo Ltd. Povides special transportation services for tourists, businessmen and other selected clients.

Maman Aviation Ltd. Provides GSA passengers and cargo services to airlines.

Maman Cargo & Security Ltd. Specializes in consulting, planning and solution assimilation services in the fields of control and supervision of logistic processes, cargo security and the logistic chain.

KLP Maman Ltd.| Provides security and loss prevention services to leading companies and organizations worldwide. 

Maman Euro Logistic A Logistic Center For Exporters and Importers in the Czech Republic.


To learn more about Maman activities please visit the Company website: www.maman.co.il