Heavy Machinery

With over 40 years of experience in selling and servicing a construction equipment and cranes, and as a representative in Israel for Liebherr Germany.

A producer of a wide range of construction machinery, foundation and assortment of cranes for many and varied applications.
Taavura (Tashtit Division), providing a tailor made suit and an around the clock professional service for all customer’s needs.
Much of the success is due to its proven ability to serve the needs of its customers. As a part of the Taavura Group, Tashtit's in-depth understanding of the needs owners and operators of earth-moving and heavy construction equipment, has enabled the division to provide the best customer support services in the country.

With extent after-sales support that is perpetually demonstrated by the immediate availability of spare parts and the company's 24-hour vehicle repair services provided by a team of highly qualified service consultants.

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