M.M.M. United Landfill Industries

M.M.M. United Landfill Industries (1998) Ltd., jointly owned by Taavura Holdings Ltd., Mifalei Tovala Ltd. and Veridis environmental services Israel Ltd.

M.M.M. builds and oporates Ganey Hadas (Duda'im) Landfill - one of Israel's largest and most modern landfills in Israel as well as several other small landfills in Eitan and Galame.

The Ganey Hadas landfill is designed to receive thousands of tons of urban waste every day, using the most advanced and sophisticated modern technology to ensure total protection of the environment.

The landfill was constructed to be totally sealed, to prevent toxic pollutants from penetrating the precious groundwater. On top of the sealing layer, we have installed a collecting piping system which prevents the accumulation of toxic liquids.
The waste is compacted by heavy waste-compactors, ensuring a better use of the pits.

By emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach to projects, M.M.M. have been developing environmentally safe, technically sound, and cost-effective solutions for waste disposal. The solution we provide clearly focuses on Israel's needs.
The company has established and operates a power station operating on methane gas.

Our project team includes personnel from various technical disciplines including engineering, construction management, hydrogeology, geology, planning and regulatory analysis, and chemical services, creating a well-rounded professional staff dedicated to our goals.

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