Quantum Hub

Quantum Hub is a meeting point between the industry and the technology ecosystem.

With 75% of corporate open innovation initiatives failing, we help our partners bridge the gap in order to successfully partner with exceptionally innovative startups. Our highly practical, end-to-end approach and deep expertise in industrial innovation, as well as our extensive footprint in Israel, make us the go-to place for promising Israeli startups and the rest of the local tech ecosystem.


The innovation center located in Herzliya and is in partnership with Hyundai, VDL, Tadiran and Talcar.



The center will focus on the areas of automotive and mobility, logistics, energy and solutions for Industry 4.0, while providing service to all the companies in the group.


Objectives of the Innovation Center:

Identifying technological solutions for real needs, through pilot initiatives (POCs), product design partnerships, and long-term commercial partnerships.

Integrating technologies for the benefit of improving processes and developing existing and new channels of activity for the subsidiaries in the group as well as for the center's partners.


To learn more about Quantum Hub, please visit: https://www.quantum-hub.com/