Earth Moving & Mining

Taavura's Earth-Moving division, one of the largest earth moving contractors in Israel, specializes in earth works for infrastructure, mining, quarrying of rock aggregates for the construction industry and road construction.

The division maintains an ongoing operation in Israel's phosphate mines, operates several quarries and over twenty different sites spread out all over the country. The division is engaged in the construction of roads, water reservoirs, dams and a wide variety of large-scale projects.

Taavura's earth-moving division annually moves over 20 million tons of earth and other bulk materials.

At the division's disposal are more than 100 units of heavy equipment, including:

Taavura uses advanced equipment in order to provide efficient and optimal service to our clients.

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Our drilling and blasting teams are well trained to provide any size of blasted material, in a variety of rock types. Whether for a crusher or for other purposes, our specialists regularly blast over 300 tons of explosives annually.
All our heavy equipment is well maintained by our own team of mechanics and is operated by highly-trained professionals.

Our ever-growing Engineering department is in charge of conducting all these works under our clients' most demanding standards and to their full satisfaction. In order to perform according to the highest standards, we use the most modern equipment and technology.

The winning combination between our large earth moving division and the logistic capabilities of the Taavura group, provides us with the agility and the ability to perform most efficiently to the full satisfaction of our clients. The division can operate many worksites and projects simultaneously and still can respond and take-on new tasks and projects on very short notice.