The Beginning

More than half a century ago, even before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Avraham (Bondi) Livnat launched an operation that would become Taavura, Israel's largest road haulage and logistics organization.

It all began with one single truck - a Mack 125 horsepower NR. Taavura's genesis featured a commission from the Haifa-based Palestine Road Construction Company to build a new road between Netanya and Tel Aviv; the construction of the famous "Faluja Road" between Castine and Plugot and the treacherously steep and ever- twisting road between Dimona and Sodom by the shores of the Dead Sea. By 1952, Bondi already owned four trucks, an excavator and a bulldozer.


 Old water truck


1955 was the year when Taavura was registered as a limited company. That year, Bondi acquired his first two low-bed, heavy haulage trailers.

In 1957 Bondi’s brother, Yitzhak, left the army, joined the company and became a shareholder in Taavura. He started his way from the bottom, learned the business on the steering wheel, experiencing problems, which assisted him in the future running of the company.

During his years in Taavura (over a quarter of a century) Yitzhak was running the company together with Bondi, covering more the administrative and business developments aspects and helping the company grow to its present leading position.


By 1960, Taavura's new front end loader and heavy dump trucks were disposing of eight tons of overburden for every ton of copper extracted from the Timna Mines.

By 1962, Bondi purchased Cement Containers Ltd. and entered into the field of bulk transportation. The company purchased the first two of its 50 car carriers in 1968 and in 1983, it launched Talmarine, a subsidiary for marine operations.

Huge truck


Bondi with workers

In the years that followed, Taavura established many more subsidiaries engaged primarily in logistics (Maman Air Cargo), imports and the marketing of trucks and heavy equipment (Tashtit Construction Machinery), specialized transportation fields and other related sectors.

A. Livnat Ltd. holds 60% of Taavura, along with Leumi Partners Ltd. and Phoenix group which hold 20% of Taavura each. The owners are collaborating to proceed the legacy of Taavura's success, in its own special way.

Taavura's fleet includes thousands of trucks and trailers, a fleet of dozens of off-the-road dump trucks and massive excavators, large fleet of cranes and multi axles rigging trailers, hundreds of buses, marine and off-shore equipment and more.

Taavura's accomplishments could never have been achieved without the outstanding relationship that the company enjoys with its 6,500 employees.