Western Galilee (1993) Trasportation Ltd. (Galil Maaravi)

Western Galilee, a wholly-owned Taavura subsidiary, specializes in the transportation of agricultural produce and containers.
In addition the Company operates a container terminal and Provides logistic services including: warehousing and added value.

Western Galilee trucks carry cargo from the fields to processing plants, or directly to airports and sea ports. The transportation of agricultural produce include: plants, grain, tomatoes, bananas, avocado, milk and live turkeys and chickens.


Over the last decade, the company has expanded in the field of container transportation and has become one of the leading Israeli companies in this field. Western Galilee also operates a container terminal.


Western Galilee provides quality, comprehensive logistics services including storage, inventory management and the handling of product orders. In addition, the company offers added value services.

Western Galilee also deals in the haulage of special loads including fuel, oils, construction materials and general cargo.