Profile & Ownership

Taavura Holdings Ltd. is controlled by Avraham Livnat Ltd. (60%) along with its partners Leumi Partners Ltd. (20%) and Phoenix group (20%).


Avraham Livnat Ltd. (ALL)

A privately owned holding company registered in Israel that was founded by Avraham (Bondi) Livnat, the founder of Taavura, with the establishment of the state of Israel.
In addition to the holding in Taavura, ALL holds a large portfolio of market leading companies in broadly diversified industries: Real estate in Europe and the U.S.; Oil and Gas; Major fashion retail chains; Agricultural products export; Logistics; Business services; Contact center, Data center etc.


Leumi Partners Ltd.

Leumi Partners is the leading Israeli financial firm active in merchant banking and offerings broad investment banking and research services and fully owned by Leumi Bank the biggest bank in Israel.

Phoenix Group

Phoenix is the leading insurance company in the Israeli market. Phoenix insurance company Ltd. is traded in the Israeli stock exchange.




Taavura complex 2012


Taavura group’s Major activities include: 


Excavator in work

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