Venta Marketing Ltd.


Venta was founded in 1953 as one of the pioneer industrial organization in the new state of Israel. Following many years of market domination, offering high-quality products and impeccable service, the company is a clear leader in the ventilation market, while the "Venta" brand has become a generic name for all fans and ventilation equipment in Israel.



As part of its extensive range of ventilation products, Venta offers products for private households, industry and agriculture as well as special purpose fans:











A wide range of ventilation products for different applications such as domestic fans, agriculture, industrial and special purpose fans are being produced at Venta’s site in Carmiel (in the northern region of Israel).

In addition, Venta acts as a sole representative and distributor of some well-known European producers such as Filli Rosati, Gigola, Utentra and Ermete Giudici EVEL from Italy in the industrial and agricultural field.

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