Archive 2000 Ltd.


Archive 2000, a fully owned Maman subsidiary, is considered a leader in the archiving business in Israel. The company provides top-of-the-line archiving and retrieval services under flexible time tables, helping hundreds of customers save office space and labor costs.

 The companies store roughly 2 million storage boxes over 20,000m² in some of Israel’s most advanced physical and computerized archive centers. Their clients include financial bodies, banks, insurance companies, the Income Tax Authority, The National Insurance Institute, the Courts Administration, government ministries, health funds, hospitals, as well as law and accounting firms, all of which have opted to utilize the advanced solutions provided by our archiving companies to handle the sensitive information at their disposal.

Archive 2000 warehouses are highly secured and restricted to authorized personnel only.
The company's skilled staff provides retrieval services countrywide. 

To learn more about Archive 2000 please visit the Archive 2000 website: