Tashtit Division

Tashtit Division (Former Tashtit Construction Machinery Ltd.) was established in 1982 to deal with the importing of construction equipment. Tashtit was later appointed as importer and distributor of DAF trucks and buses. Today, the Division boasts a market share in the truck sector that is exceeded by only two other countries.


Much of the division's success is due to its proven ability to serve the needs of its customers. As a part of the Taavura Group, Tashtit's in-depth understanding of the needs of truck owners, drivers and users of earth-moving and heavy construction equipment, has enabled the division to provide the best customer support services in the country. The extent of this after-sales support is perpetually demonstrated by the immediate availability of spare parts and the company's 24-hour vehicle repair services. These are provided by a national network of 28 authorized workshops and a team of highly qualified service consultants.

Armed with a highly motivated, results-oriented sales force and a commitment to excellence in customer service, Tashtit has captured a significant market share in the market for new trucks and has become one of Israel's leading truck importers.




Tashtit also acts as the importer and distributor of KENWORTH Trucks, since 2009.

VDL Buses

Tashtit also imports VDL BUS, manufactured by the Dutch company VDL. Models on offer include luxury tour buses, regional council buses, and public transport models. The chassis is available with bodies made in Israel or abroad, by Merkavim or Irizar, respectively, according to customer requirements.


Tashtit, with over 25 years of experience in construction equipment, also acts as the exclusive importer and distributor in Israel of LIEBHERR (Germany) cranes, hydraulic excavators and other earth-moving equipment.

Through Tashtit-Liebherr, Liebherr markets a wide range of heavy construction machinery and an assortment of cranes for varied applications, hydraulic excavators and a wide range of other earth-moving equipment, providing the Israeli market with solutions for every need. 


Tashtit also imports and distributes TATRA trucks, produced by the veteran Czech manufacturer.






Launching event of TATRA by Tashtit: 




Performing PDI and providing maintenance services for IDF OSHKOSH trucks






To learn more about Tashtit:

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Kenworth worldwide website: www.kenworth.com

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